Punk Venus 2015 by Anne Parfitt, Mixed Media


Punk Venus 2015, © Anne Parfitt


Visual artist making mixed media objects and drawings, based in East Sussex, UK.


At the core of my imagination is a drive to bring together extremes in order to find meaning, in materials, processes and ideas. Frequent moves and life changes have sedimented in my mind to form alien hermetic worlds from which I am now estranged, yet forever colliding in the present. My consciousness of the dichotomies in life has made me acutely aware of contrasts and oppositions proliferating in the physical world too, and which first drew me to making objects.

My visual sensibilities are enticed by things which seem irreconcilable. Making, for me, is a search for meeting points between contradictions; yet I feel a need to preserve the integrity of opposites; to reveal or expose their polarisation, and to shun much coherence, which would dissipate the work’s tension. These same dynamics have influenced the process of my work over time. I love to move from one extreme feeling, atmosphere or sensation to another, so that there is sometimes little obvious or surface consistency between consecutive sets of work.  (See for example the playful exuberance and excess of my 2012-15 collages, followed by the quiet austerity of my work on mourning in 2016).