Up Close and Personal 2016, Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2016

Solo exhibition - installation of drawings and sculptures, Electro Studios, St Leonards on Sea.  For images of work see Sculpture/2016

Crush 2016

The Gallery, Rye Creative Centre, Kent.  Hermione Allsopp, Alexandra Drawbridge, Anne Parfitt.  Supported by Rye Creative Centre.

Anne Parfitt 

Legally High, Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2017​

Annual artists' curation at Electro Studios, St Leonards, including painting, digital print, sculpture, installation and film.  

Artists:  Alexandra Drawbridge, Gerard Hemsworth, Charles Koning, Anne Parfitt & Toby Tatum.

Make/Create 2015 (Griffin Gallery & Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust)

Project led by the Griffin Gallery, London.  As one of a number of artists and crafts scholars I worked with James Kirby, Master Stonecarver, to create an installation at The Crypt Gallery, London.  Carvings below by James Kirby.

​Kiss Chase (Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2015) 

Group exhibition of work by Hermione AllsoppAlexandra Drawbridge, Gerard Hemsworth, Russell Miller, Paco de QuesadaGeraldine Swayne, Anne Parfitt.  Electro Studios, St Leonards on Sea.