Anne Parfitt 

Punk Venus 2015 by Anne Parfitt, Mixed Media
Mantle 2018, © Anne Parfitt

Visual artist making mixed media objects and drawings, based in East Sussex, UK.

At the core of my imagination is a drive to bring together extremes in order to find meaning.  Times in life have sedimented in my mind to form alien hermetic worlds from which I now feel estranged and yet which forever collide in present consciousness. I veer towards materials, processes and ideas which appear irreconcilable, searching for their meeting points.  My concern is with exposing contradictions rather than reconciling the divergent elements I bring together, and maybe it is this which seems to give my work an awkward or sinister edge. These dynamics influence the process of my work over time.  I love to move from one extreme feeling, atmosphere or sensation to another, responding to the variety of objects and subjects passing through my everyday life. However while there may appear to be little obvious consistency between consecutive phases of work, the core preoccupation is always the same.