Anne Parfitt 

Sculpture 2016

Death and Mourning

In 2016 I re-visited the theme of mourning, first explored in the late '90s when a confrontation with my own mortality coincided with the reported deaths of several notable individuals, including Princess Diana, Pol Pot, Mother Teresa, Madame Stiletto, Linda McCartney and Frank Sinatra.  In 2016 personal loss and a further cluster of celebrity deaths gave the image a new impetus and fresh investigative direction. The pallbearer image embodies polarities hidden within the impossibility of Death, set against a belief, a hope, that the Loved One 'Was' and still ‘Is’. Examples are proximity/remoteness, symbiosis/alienation, the hidden body/outpoured emotion, and weight/insubstantiality.  The concealment and intimate carrying of the Dead One in a casket is a metaphor for these unbearable contradictions.  "Up Close and Personal": essay by Alex Michon, Artist, Writer & Director of Transition Gallery, London. Further drawings on this theme can be seen under Drawings/2016 in Main Menu.